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Shake off the guilt! Girls deserve designer handbags! It�s true that they�re more expensive, but the superior craftsmanship of designer handbags is something you can�t find in any of its knockoffs. Consider the fine stitching, carefully selected materials, and tight quality control. Designer handbags are built to last a lifetime, or at least until next season�s Fall Collection. How can you distinguish authentic designer handbags from imitations? Look at the designer handbags� details. Imitations will only copy its shape, but may have crooked seams or substitute the materials for something cheaper and less durable. Designer handbags also carry signature buckles, trimmings, even zippers and lining. Examine the designer handbags carefully for the clear printed monograms. And if the workmanship is shoddy, put it down�designer handbags are carefully inspected at the factory for even the smallest misaligned threads. Some of the most popular handbags in the UK are: 1. Prada�s designer handbags. They�re known for unique materials and interesting textures, which add color and personality to even the most sober suit-and-heels outfit. A working woman must-have! 2. Gucci handbags. They�re like the Porsche of the fashion world. Their monogrammed designer handbags are considered a classic, and come in the classic brown to sportier pastels and brights. 3. Louis Vuitton handbags are synonymous to high quality and fine leather. They�re particularly known for luggage. 4. Fendi designer bags often feature breakthrough, colorful and trendy designs. They introduced the hotdog and baguette designer handbags �quirky but elegant pieces that should be part of any self-respecting fashionista�s collection of designer handbags. 5. Christion Dior designer handbags are attention-getters. Their floral saddle designer handbags and Portabello designer handbags made raves. 6. Burberry designer handbags come in come in single color or the trademark checkered prints. Other famous designer handbags are Hermes, Guess, Chanel and Balenciaga.
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